Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fall Update

Apparently fall is when I often return to my blog to share updates and recipes. Must be the extended time indoors and the urge to keep my house warm and oven on!

The past year been full of change and transition. Bobby stepped out of his position in vocational ministry and started a new job/new career in financial advising. It has been a really great change and he constantly amazes me with his ability to master yet another skill set. Though he never took a foreign language in school (how does that even happen?!?) he can speak multiple languages when it comes to all the things he knows! He is already becoming a master of the financial world :)

All of my children are in school now, which means I have a little extra time to do fun things work. I love a good routine though and it seems we have our new normal down. And I do enjoy the work I get to do, so I suppose it could be categorized as fun ;)

As we lead up to Christmas, we have been following @100dayswithJesus on instagram which gives a new name for Jesus each day (e.g. Amen, Baby, Lion, Rock). It has been super fun to discuss as a family at breakfast each morning and is building our anticipation of celebrating Jesus' birthday in just over a month!

In case you were wondering, our kids are still growing like weeds. Here are some sweet pics of our giants taken by the lovely @libbyasaystudio

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